Fatigue and Brain Injury

Recently,  BEST Communications Manager, Kim Thompson (yours truly), answered community questions via video response.  Thank you so much for your questions and topics!  Speaking of topics, I received two important topics from our BEST friend, Sue P. She suggested covering the topics of fatigue and brain injury and migraine and brain injury.  Thank you, Sue, (more…)

Learning to Live with Neuro-Fatigue

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) really is the gift that keeps on giving. They’re just not the kind of gifts anyone wants to get. After my TBI, I learned this the hard way. Suddenly, I had long-term mental and physical problems I never had experienced before: constant fatigue and muscle weakness; loss of mental clarity (more…)

Fatigue Plays Major Role for Survivors and Caregivers

Today, on the BEST Facebook page, we are exploring fatigue and how it impacts both TBI survivors and caregivers, alike. “Brain fog” or “neuro-fatigue” is one of the most common and constant issues that survivors face that can have significant impacts to  overall well-being and health. Here’s a fact sheet that we are sharing  that gives (more…)