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In Passing

Surviving a major stroke made me aware of how fragile and precious our lives really are. That experience sure changed the way my eyes see the world and it changed the man looking out through them. I was extremely lucky to survive the experience and I am continually being reminded of that by people in my life and by others who come and go in my life. I’m told by people I talk to and by casual observers that if they hadn’t known I am a stroke survivor they’d have never guessed. I also hear from a lot of people…

Games For Healthy Brains

I’ll bet everyone has heard that playing games is good for your brain. Any game helps, be it board games, card games, video games, or puzzles. And engaging in a variety of games helps different parts of our brain heal after a brain injury and stay healthy and strong. There are so many benefits to playing a game. Games reduce stress and, also, reduces blood pressure through the release of endorphins. Playing a game with a loved one or friends is a great way to stay connected and strengthen relationships. But what about COVID? you ask. You don’t need to…

4 Ways To Hear What Your Body Needs

Last week our #MindfulMonday piece focused on listening. This week we’re sharing exercises to help you listen to yourself. Give them a try and let us know in the comments what worked for you. Listening Exercise #1 Your body will tell you what it needs to be healthy so long as you listen to its messages; heed the signals. For the next few minutes listen to your body and think of three things you can do that would help you stay healthy. Listening Exercise #2 How are you feeling right now? Take a moment to listen to your emotions. What…

Pay It Forward & Other Random Acts Of Kindness

I was just sitting here thinking, when somewhere out of the blue, a couple of terms came to mind. The terms were “pay it forward” and “random acts of kindness.” But what do those things have to do with traumatic brain injury? Stay with me here while I think (or type) out loud and it may make sense. It goes back to my days hitchhiking around the country, when I was younger and stupider (I don’t recommend doing this, by the way). One time I was picked up by a very nice man who gave me a ride to Kansas…

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