What if you could help create unique opportunities
for someone with a brain injury and help BEST reduce fundraising costs?

As a member of the Superhero Society, your monthly donation does just that. A small gift each month helps BEST spend more money on making a difference in the lives of those with brain injury and their families while spending less on administrative costs. It’s an easy and affordable way for you to make your support go further.

Monthly gifts provide BEST:

  • A steady source of income we can count on to fund our education programs, brain injury support groups, caregiver support activities, and more.
  • Lower administrative costs than other fundraising methods. With less checks to write, envelopes to stock, and stamps it’s environmentally friendly, too.
  • Income that allows us to place more focus on our programs

Your recurring monthly donation means that together we can continue to provide peer support, education, and advocacy for those with brain injury and their families.

Think of it this way, your monthly contribution of $25 as a Superhero, or even our $10 per month as a Superhero Sidekick, helps BEST host online training & networking opportunities for brain injury support group facilitators, allows BEST to provide a PEER Coach to someone enrolled in our Empowered Self Program. 

With monthly giving, you are in total control. You can easily start, change, or stop your gift at any time online or by phone. You’ll receive uninterrupted membership benefits, ensuring you never miss an issue of our newsletter or discounts on classes. Best of all, as a member of the Superhero Society, you’ll maximize the impact of your support for our community.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your monthly contribution.

You can call us at 877-719-2378 or email admin at brainenergysupportteam dot org.