Your Self-Care: Email BEST Your Self-Care Practices

Your Self-Care (NEW): We are putting together a guide of self-care practices from our community and would LOVE your contributions. Share your thoughts with us (see video) Thank you! ❤️⚡ BEST loves sharing … Facebook0TwitterPinterest0tumblr0Linkedin0Reddit0Email0

Relaxation, Imagery and Visualization

(Editor’s note: Writer, BEST guest blog contributor, and stroke survivor, Isaac Peterson, shares some terrific techniques for relaxation, positive imagery and visualization. Thank you, Isaac for these helpful and important tips! KT) Anyone who has read my writing for any length of time might have picked up that I’m a big believer in positive visualization (more…)

Face Masks For Personal Protection

Did you know that during the 1918 flu pandemic that wearing personal face masks was not only recommended, but in many places throughout the United States, was required? Today, the COVID-19 Coronavirus is rapidly spreading throughout the world, as the flu did in those two fateful years of 1918 through 1920. One of the biggest (more…)

Self-Love Sunday: A Prescription

Click here to read a great article from Psychology Today on a simple prescription for self-love. BEST loves sharing … Facebook0TwitterPinterest0tumblr0Linkedin0Reddit0Email0

Self-Love Sunday: Be Your Own Best Friend

What’s the key to self-love?  Being your own best friend.  Our BEST friend, Debbie Hampton, is the creator, writer and moderator of The BEST Brain Possible, a comprehensive website of resources, strategies, tips and information about brain health and overall wellness. Hampton, a brain injury survivor and mental health and wellness advocate, has shared her own personal (more…)