Volunteer virtually for the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST)! 

If you participate in a brain injury support group in Washington State, either as a support group facilitator or a support group member or participate in our BEST virtual brain injury support group and/or caregiver group in Second Life, we are seeking the following virtual volunteers: 

Self-Care Ambassador: 

Self-care is an important topic for the BEST community; in fact, it’s our most popular topic! 

Whether you are a brain injury survivor, caregiver or community member, self-care is critical to well-being and living the best lives possible. 

As a self-care ambassador, you would share your favorite self-care tips with BEST on a schedule that works for you.

Self-care tips would include things like nutrition, mental health, relaxation, rest, exercise and more! 

You may also gather and share self-care tips from fellow brain injury survivors in your support group and provide those to BEST, too, as your group’s representative. 

Here are the specific instructions: 

  1. Share tips in words, in a short paragraph or short personal essay.  
  2. Take a photo of your self-care tip. 
  3. Share a short video (30 seconds minimum, 3 minutes maximum). 

These materials would be submitted to BEST Communications Manager, Kim Thompson, at kimt@brainenergysupportteam.org. 

Your helpful self-care information would be shared with the BEST community on the BEST website, blog and social media to help support others.  

BEST Virtual Artists (artists and photographers):

Support group members, are you an artist or photographer? Share your talents with BEST and the rest of the community. 

We’d love to feature your work for a virtual art gallery! Email Kim Thompson at kimt@brainenergysupportteam.org for details. 

Sound interesting? Read on for volunteer guidelines. 

BEST Virtual Volunteer Guidelines:

1.    Participating BEST Virtual Volunteers must be affiliated with the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) in one (or more) of the following ways:

a.    Washington State support group participant.

b.    Washington State support group facilitator. 

c.     BEST virtual brain injury support group member or caregiver support                group member in Second Life. 

2. BEST Virtual Volunteers understand that this is a non-paid, volunteer opportunity.

3. We ask that submissions reflect the mission and vision of BEST: empowerment, peer support and wellness. 

4. BEST Virtual Volunteers will understand that self-care and/or art materials submitted to BEST may be shared on the BEST website and BEST social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube). 

5. BEST Virtual Volunteers will understand that BEST reserves the right to not accept any self-care or art submission, for any reason. We will not accept materials that include any profanity, unsuitable or crude topics and language; discrimination; political content; and other inappropriate content that does not meet the mission and vision of BEST.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  1. A safe and supportive environment for your virtual volunteer experience. 
  2. Assistance and consultation as needed from BEST.
  3. No firm deadlines: contribute at your own pace and comfort level.
  4. Clear communication, follow up and feedback. 

Have any questions? Email admin@brainenergysupportteam.org

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