Support Group Members: BEST Virtual Volunteers Sought!

Volunteer virtually for the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST)!  If you participate in a brain injury support group in Washington State, either as a support group facilitator or a support group member or participate in our BEST virtual brain injury support group and/or caregiver group in Second Life, we are seeking the following virtual volunteers:  (more…)

BEST Instagram Takeover July 23-July 27, 2018

The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) Instagram page is about to be taken over! For the week of  July 23rd through July 27th, BEST teen volunteer, Erin Thompson, will take the reins as Instagram moderator, content creator and BEST ambassador on the BEST Instagram page. Thompson, a Washington State high school student and artist, will (more…)

BEST Volunteers are Superhero Love in Motion

Volunteers are love in motion. With that being true, BEST volunteers are SUPERHERO love in motion! Sending love, appreciation and gratitude to our amazing volunteers whose support makes a difference in the lives of brain injury survivors, their caregivers and families each and every day. Thank you!  BEST loves sharing … Facebook0TwitterPinterest0tumblr0Linkedin0Reddit0Email0

Honoring Superheroes: National Volunteer Week

Did you know it’s National Volunteer Week, a week dedicated to honoring and celebrating the contributions of volunteers throughout the nation? At BEST, we appreciate, honor and celebrate our BEST volunteers this week and every week for all of their help and support. Since 2008, volunteer teams of extraordinary BEST superheroes have come to together to change (more…)

Puget Sounders: Volunteers Sought for Student Project

The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) is seeking volunteers to work with occupational therapy students from the University of Puget Sound.  The students will come to our BEST Space located in University Place, Washington, to learn more about working with people with brain injuries. For brain injury survivors, this provides a great opportunity to help the (more…)

National Volunteer Week 2017

It’s National Volunteer Week  and BEST is paying tribute to our amazing volunteers. These superheroes support the BEST mission, vision and passion with their positive energy, personal empowerment, hard work and dedication, this week and every week. Thank you volunteers for all that you do for the brain injury community and beyond. You are all truly (more…)