The dictionary definition of migraine: 
noun: migraine; plural noun: migraines
a recurrent throbbing headache that typically affects one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision.
“I’m getting a migraine.”
As brain injury survivors, the real definition goes beyond the standard dictionary one: for some, migraines can be frequent, challenging, and disruptive, to say the very least. 

Thank you so much for your questions and topics! 

I received two important topics from our BEST friend, Sue P. She suggested covering the topics of fatigue and brain injury and migraine and brain injury. 

Thank you, Sue, for the great suggestions! 

Because the of the amount of links and the size of the topic, I decided it would be best to cover the information in an article instead of a short video, and break up the suggestions in two parts.

Last week, I covered fatigue and brain injury. Click here to read. 

Today, I’ll cover migraine resources and provide links. 

Migraine Basics 

To start with the basics about migraine, here are two good articles to begin with. 

The first article is from Click here to view.

The second piece is a migraine basics fact sheet from Brain & Life. Click here to read. 

Migraine and Brain Injury and Treating Migraines

The following links cover how migraine relates to brain injury and treatment strategies. 

To note: if you feel you are having migraine headaches, please seek professional medical advice from your physician and/or health care clinic. 

Click on the article sources to that are highlighted below to check out these additional resource materials. 

TBI Model Systems (University of Washington): Headaches After Traumatic Brain Injury Managing Post-Traumatic Headaches After Brain Injury

American Migraine Foundation: Concussion and Migraine

The Brain and Health Magazine: Determining the Cause of Your Post-Traumatic Headache

The Brain Health Magazine: Post Concussive Migraines 

I think I’ll leave it here, as I know there is a lot to digest. 

Do you have migraine headaches? Other kinds of headaches? How do you cope with them? What resources, strategies and/or tips would you like to share on how you manage migraine headaches or other kinds of headaches? 

Drop me a line by email at I’d love to hear your thoughts for a potential follow-up article.

If you have additional topics that you’d like to see covered in this blog space, please let me know. 

Thank you in advance! 


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