The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) has created a virtual presence for reaching out to those with brain injury and their caregivers and those interested in brain health and wellness. 

BEST hosts a variety of social events, small group discussions, workshops, and skills training. Our goal in Second Life is to support everyone to engage in alternative and meaningful learning and  support. Our BEST office and the BEST PEER Center can be found on Etopia Island in Second Life.

It is in this virtual space that we have had the amazing opportunity to meet many new and wonderful BEST friends and community partners! 

Today, on Thankful Thursday (#ThankfulThursday), we’d like to honor these friendships and and thank our BEST friends for helping us create and thrive in our virtual environment. You are all the BEST! 

Interested in joining us online? There is no cost to join or participate, and all are welcome. Click here to learn how to join Second Life and click here to check out BEST activities! 


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