Yesterday was Giving Tuesday. You probably know that from all of the emails that came into your inbox yesterday reminding you it was Giving Tuesday. Admittedly, we sent a couple of reminders, too.

There are many causes, many reasons, and many stories. Stories like Holly’s, from our BEST group in Second Life who said, “Because of my brain injury a year ago I can’t work and I’m pretty much house-bound. I discovered that the community here [Second Life] cares and is really supportive. Thank you for this holiday dinner, because otherwise, I’d have been alone.”

Stories like the one David shared during a video meeting, “For four years I had connections where I lived and then I moved here right before the pandemic hit. I don’t work since I was hit. I’m really glad for these online meetings.”

It’s stories like these and the stories we’ve heard and shared with you over the years that continue to remind us that THIS is why BEST does what it does; peer support, skills training, education for personal and professional development, outreach, awareness campaigns, and more.

So, when we reach out on social media or send an email or two asking for support, please forgive us and know that we want to be there for people like Holly and David just like we’ve always been there for you.

As for Giving Tuesday and our $5,000 donation drive, here’s how we’re doing …

We’ve raised $1,500 as of yesterday, #GivingTuesday, and with your help, we can reach our $5,000 goal by Christmas. Please donate to the COVID-19 Impact Fund or become a member by clicking here.


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