Best has offered you many #MotivationMonday images, quotes, and other encouragement over the years. Throughout 2020 we continued to offer these messages and learned that the most important topic of conversation has been self-care.

Hand in hand with self-care is the notion of mindfulness. Mindfulness is more than just being aware of what is going on around you at any given moment, but what is, also, going on inside of you. What are you thinking? What are you feeling? What are you doing “right now”?

When you embrace the moment, allow your thoughts to be just what they are – thoughts – and give yourself time to slow down you are taking care of yourself.

Our goal is to help you carve out a moment of self-reflection, a time to ground yourself and reflect on what’s happening in the moment, what’s good in your life, and how you are feeling. Each week for the rest of 2021 we’ll post an image, video, or article to help you on your journey to living a calmer, healthier, more mindful life.

Here is an exercise you can do anytime you like and as often as you like. This exercise takes about 5 minutes:

Step 1 – Sit in your favorite chair or someplace comfortable.

Step 2 – Breathe in. You don’t have to count. It doesn’t have to be deep. Just breathe in. (Remember to breathe out. Don’t hold your breath)

Step 3 – Pay attention to whether you are taking long breaths of air or short breaths. Neither is better than the other. At this moment you are simply paying attention to the breath entering your lungs and releasing.

Step 4 – Feel your breath as you inhale. Notice if the breath fills your lungs or if it is more shallow and mostly in your chest.

Step 5 – Shift your focus and listen to the sounds around you where you are. Notice if there Is there a breeze you can hear. Perhaps it is outside your window. If so you might see a tree swaying or branches rustling.

This is the earth breathing. Feel her breath blend with yours.

The two become one as you breathe in and slowly breathe out.

How do you feel? Do you feel more relaxed than before you did this exercise? If so, bookmark this page and come back often.




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