We know that 2020 and 2021 haven’t been easy for anyone. 

As we reach the close of 2021, and as we move forward into 2022,we want our beloved community to feel empowered, supported and cared for in the best ways possible. 

We’d love to get feedback from you on how we can help and support you the most. 

We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this brief survey below.  

Thank you for your valuable contribution to our work! 

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Checking In: Where can we help?
BEST Fall Survey 2021
What are your biggest concerns right now? (Select all that apply).
What information and resources would be the most helpful for you right now? (Select all that apply).
What online tools or platforms do you use? (Select all that apply).
When you are unable to talk to people in person or by phone, how do you prefer to communicate? (Select all that apply).
What are your goals for 2022? (Select all that apply).
Name (Optional)
Name (Optional)
If you chose to add your name and email, may we contact you about your survey responses?

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