We’ve known best.

As a community of individuals, caregivers, and families navigating brain injury and other cognitive challenges, we know what we need.

The best overall health and wellness possible.

The ability to share our stories and be heard.

The opportunity to grow and learn new things.

The chance to connect, support, and help each other and others just like us.

What we know best has been brought into question the during the pandemic. How can we do what’s best for ourselves and the community in the face of a pandemic? During constant change and uncertainty?

The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) developed and built on the vision of a small group of people who wanted what was best for them to live full and meaningful lives. Support, resources, advocacy, and education where the tools to achieve that goal.

Kindness. Caring. Understanding. Love. Those were the elements that made the tools work.

With vision, tools, and work, the BEST community connected near and far, grew together, learned new things, and supported each other.

Enter 2020 and all that it brought with it.

We didn’t know best, because frankly we didn’t know. We didn’t know what things meant. What was next. No one knew. Our tools, great as they were, needed to change and adapt and fast.

BEST transitioned fully online and worked to provide resources, strategies, advocacy, support, educational content and assurance through their website, social media platforms, virtual world programs, and learning center to help our community transition to new ways to connect and grow. Some of the tools were tried and true, others brand new.

Tried and true, or new, a few things we know for sure.

BEST never wavered in the face of change because we had these things from our past, for our present, (and well into the future): kindness; caring; understanding; love.

Change will come again. It may come today, tomorrow, or another time. What’s at our core, and in our hearts, is our love that we have for our community. It will always prevail.

It will always know best.

Flowers and Vines
At the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST), love knows BEST.

To think about: What’s your story for 2021? What do you feel like you’ve learned over the year and know best?  

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