A photo blend: half a tree and ground in the winter, spliced with another half of the same tree and ground but it spring

The quote to the above really says it all, doesn’t it?

We hate and love change at the same time, but in a perfect world many things would stay the same, but just get better

For better or worse (or somewhere in between), we know the world just doesn’t work in this way. Change is a fixture in our lives, whether it’s good or bad. Change is something we can always count on, even if it’s something we may not want. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, change has been especially challenging, and not always to the good. 

So how do we cope with change? Especially if change is challenging or difficult? 

Here are 5 simple steps to get started: 

  1. Plan ahead if you can: If you know change may be coming, try to plan for it. It may be less stressful and more empowering to have a plan in place. 
  2. Take time to pause: Taking the time to stop and reflect on the change can be therapeutic. Allow yourself to feel your emotions about the change. 
  3. Maintain your routine if you can: Routines and structure can create a feeling of normal in the midst of change. 
  4. Engage in self-care and practice self-compassion: Taking care of yourself is critical during times of change. Engage in activities that keep your mind and body healthy (this includes relaxation and rest, too). Also, be gentle with yourself. Change is hard. 
  5. Look to gratitude: Thinking about and discovering the things in our lives we are grateful for (big or little) can make a difference in our outlook, attitude and feelings. 

Here are some more resources that can help: 

  1. Knowledge is empowering: During the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been MANY changes. Click here to learn more about C0vid-19 and how you can stay safe and healthy on our Covid-19 resource and information page. 
  2. Burnout is real: Burnout (especially Covid-19 burnout) has been felt by many as the result of all the change brought about by the pandemic. Click here for our resource article on Covid-19 burnout. 
  3. Sleep is critical: During times of change, our sleep may suffer. Click here for our resource article on sleep and how to get the best sleep possible. Click here for BEST blog contributor Isaac Peterson’s recent article on sleep disorders and brain injury. 
  4. Self-care is vital: We have a library of blog articles on self-care practices, tips and strategies. Click here to explore on the BEST blog. 
  5. Resources for caregivers: For caregivers, change can involve not only yourself, but the individual(s) you are caring for. Click here to explore our library of articles just for you. 
  6. Educational programs and online support: At BEST, we offer online educational programs and support that can help you thrive in the midst of change. Click here to learn more.


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