Earlier this summer, we  announced that a special program was coming to BEST this fall. The program was developed by one of our BEST friends and colleagues, Rochelle Gordon.  Gordon’s program, called the “Flip IT Workshops,” consist of three sets of four week classes to help people with gratitude, self-awareness, communication skills and so much more.

Today, BEST is sharing part three of our interview with Gordon.  This time, Gordon shares her thoughts on happiness, what butterflies represent as a symbol to her and what Flip IT has given her personally. Read on and enjoy!

Rochelle Gordon of Flip IT
Rochelle Gordon of Flip IT

BEST: Define what happiness means to you.

RG: Happiness means feeling a sense of value in myself and love and connection with God and other people.  It means accomplishing my life’s purpose and living a courageous and triumphant life overcoming fears, setbacks and challenges.  It also means viewing challenges as a means to a better life.

BEST: You use a butterfly for your symbol for the Flip IT program. Tell me the backstory behind that.

RG: Our butterfly story:  I use a graphic for each lesson to help people remember to retrain their brain and learn each lesson.  For our first lesson, Flip IT to Thankfulness, we use the butterfly as a symbol for transformation.  We didn’t realize until later that (my husband) Blair had taken me out to dinner before we were married and then gave me a beautiful butterfly necklace while we were out together.

BEST:  In your words, how did Flip IT change your life, personally and professionally? How often do you use the skills and what does it mean to you?

Using Flip IT to renew my mind has changed my life in wonderful ways! Flip IT has given me the positive attitude I always wanted.  I used to be unhappy and depressed. I saw other people who were positive, happy and confident and I didn’t know how to get there.  I started using Flip IT tools and found myself changing little by little. Flipping IT takes discipline and work, but the payoff can be huge.

Flip IT gives me a structure for positive, connecting communication. I use Flip IT tools to remember to choose joy and hope every day in every circumstance.  I am able to separate from the thoughts and feelings of others and stay strong in myself. There are over 12 different communication and identity tools that I use interchangeably.  The easy steps help me to accomplish relational, professional and emotional goals every day.  I am achieving what we call the Positive Spiral in myself and also with other people.  My brain is now starting to Flip IT to thankfulness, joy and hope even without having to work at it or remember the exercises.

People respond to me differently now. I am able to hear negative, self-defeating things that other people say, help them identify areas to change and offer them tools to live their life a different way.

I really appreciate this opportunity to share Flip IT!

Flip IT will be coming soon to BEST!

In the meantime for more information, visit the Flip IT website at flipittothankfulness.com. 



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