We’ve been here a few days and I it’s time to catch you up on the happenings of late.

Fri 10/23
As always, our love of adventure set the tone for an enjoyable three and a half hour drive from Seattle to Ocean City. I’ve never been to Grays Harbor and was certainly looking forward to spending time exploring and connecting with Barb and our TBI friends. Driving through Aberdeen and Hoqium with r-Destiny wasn’t as bad as we thought through it was going to be. Though 101 wound its way through urban(ish) neighborhoods we hadn’t any worries. Google Maps was our stalwart hometown guide.

Once parked and set up we settled into a quiet supper and rain. I love the sound of rain on the roof. The regular patterns are like a drum beat; a heartbeat of the nature that surrounds us. When I lived in NY I enjoyed listening to CDs of “nature sounds.” Rain and ocean were always such comforting loops. I also loved the rain when it tapped against the windows of my house or swept across the roof. Here, though, it feels different. I feel closer to it. It feels more a part of me like running through puddles during a summer sun-shower.

Pod set up and settled in.
Pod set up and settled in.

Rain or shine, Penny will throw a line out. She loves fishing.
Rain or shine, Penny will throw a line out. She loves fishing.


Sat 10/24
The beach! I grew up on the East Coast and loved spending as much time as I could in/on/by the water. We had a break in the rain today and off to the beach we went. We took pics and walked along the water.

Even though the Pacific is very different than the Atlantic (yes … it rolls into shore differently, the sand is different, it even smells different) I had a great time.


Mon 10/26
Today we spent the day with Barb around a campfire. Penny and I love these opportunities to spend with facilitators and friends across the state on their home turf. We learn so much as we share ideas, experiences, challenges, laughter, and even some tears. After hours of conversation, planning, and a pile of firewood Barb was ready to head home and I was ready for supper. :-)


Tue 10/27
Penny & I spent the day exploring Ocean Shores. While there isn’t all that much to see on a rainy October day we stopped in at the Ocean Shores Interpretive Center to learn more. The pic is from Google. It was way too grey and rainy for my shots.

Ocean Shores Interpretive Center
Ocean Shores Interpretive Center


Things that stood out? Pat Boone, Sand Dollars, and a video with the warning “don’t drive anything out onto the beach you’re not prepared to lose.” After a little digging I found out that Ginny Simms (popular 1940s Big Band singer and her husband are credited with founding Ocean Shores. Her nightclub was the second commercial structure to be built in town and it attracted the Hollywood set throughout the 1960s including Pat Boone, who became a permanent resident. How’s that for cool trivia?

Here’s another, there is no hunting in Ocean Shores. That means the black-tail deer population is HUGE! We saw so many this past weekend we started counting them; 11 on Saturday and 23 on Sunday, and six around our truck when I came out of the store.

We would have liked to walk the Interpretive Trail, but that will have to wait until the rain breaks … maybe next visit.

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