How to Start Meditation in 3 Steps

  How to Start Meditation in 3 Easy Steps More and more people are now beginning to appreciate the amazing power of meditation. No longer does the average Joe or Josephine view meditation as being black magic – it is now understood as a highly scientific and practical tool that anyone can and should use (more…)

Meditation and Creativity: How One Helps the Other

  Meditation is heralded by many as being a cure all – a panacea that can prevent all of your woes and help you to find peace and enlightenment. Though not entirely true, they’re not wrong. Compared with many other strategies, meditation is certainly one of the most effective when it comes to overcoming anxiety (more…)

For My Friend Tommy Manning

(Editor’s note: BEST Executive Director, Gloria Kraegel, shares her reflections, remembrances and appreciation about one of our local superheroes, the late Tommy Manning. KT). Tommy Manning. Everyone in the Washington State brain injury community knows the name. You may have even met him at a support group meeting, seen him at one of the annual (more…)

WA State Needs & Services Survey

Did you know that there are approximately 145,000 individuals in Washington State living with brain injury and resulting challenges? Do you realize that if we add families – parents, children, spouses, siblings – supporting those individuals the number of people affected by a brain injury easily doubles or triples. How can we meet the needs (more…)

I’m Not Crazy! I Have A Brain Injury!

  How was that for an attention-grabbing headline? Unfortunately, too many of us with brain injuries find ourselves repeating this phrase over and over to neurologists, neuropsychologists, and numerous other healthcare providers. While mental health issues often arise after a brain injury, it’s important to know that bad behaviors and emotional imbalances are as likely (more…)

Oh What A Year It’s Been!

I know I haven’t written as much about our travels as I thought I might, but oh what a year it’s been. The map looked something like this – Tacoma to Sequim via Longbranch and Shelton, Grays Harbor to Vancouver. We’ve been to Olympia, Seattle, Monroe and up to Birch Bay. Over the mountains through (more…)