Fridays Are BEST At NPSL

I’ve been working with nonprofits for 30 years and every organization or team I’ve ever worked with held the dreaded weekly staff or executive meeting in some fashion. Often they were early in the day, filled with the same repeated updates as all the meetings that went before it, and it was all I could (more…)

BIAA and Congressional Impact

In the past BEST has focused on the state of brain injury in Washington State. While our reach has often gone beyond state borders as we change the conversation from brain injury to brain energy our day to day work has primarily been in the trenches of providing support and advocacy for support groups in (more…)

Support Groups, Technology, & Aphasia

Many thanks to Lou Nash of the Edmonds Support Group for sharing updates and articles of interest. In a recent newsletter Lou sent my way was an interesting piece about aphasia. Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder that impairs a person’s ability to process language and occurs as a result of stroke or TBI. Aphasia (more…)

Meditate Your Way To A Longer, More Peaceful Life

It’s March and Brain Injury Awareness Month. A lot of focus is placed on the cause of injuries, the number of TBIs that occur annually, neurological research, and so many more important-to-know aspects of this “silent epidemic.” At BEST we work hard to change the conversation from “brain injury” to “life energy” and what better (more…)

Virtual BESTies

I think everyone who has ever spoken with me about virtual worlds has seen my eyes light up as I launch into lengthy descriptions of friends, activities, uses, and relevance of this platform for communication, education, and social engagement so when Kim asked me to write about BEST in Second Life (SL) I jumped at (more…)

Red Sky At Morning ….

Remember a few posts back when I said that the rain against our trailer felt more like “running through puddles during a summer sun-shower”? Well, not yesterday. It was more of the “Red sky at morning, sailors take warning” kind of rain. The day started with “batten down the hatches” followed by us out in (more…)