In the past BEST has focused on the state of brain injury in Washington State. While our reach has often gone beyond state borders as we change the conversation from brain injury to brain energy our day to day work has primarily been in the trenches of providing support and advocacy for support groups in WA.

From time to time I wonder how best to elevate the conversation to reach more people. As always, I am reminded that there are those in the national trenches with the same objectives to raise awareness and change the conversation on a national level.

I was thrilled to see this in the BIAA Policy Corner update;

House Energy and Commerce Committee holds Concussion Roundtable
On Monday, March 14 Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) and Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA) held a concussion roundtable for members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. The roundtable discussed the state of our knowledge concerning the causes, effects, and treatments of concussions and head trauma. The House Energy and Commerce Committee plans to hold hearings in the near future on the topic of concussion. BIAA will keep brain injury advocates informed as a schedule develops. During the roundtable Members asked the below questions to the panelists which are listed below the questions.
  • What are the most prominent misconceptions or underappreciated facts about concussions?
  • What are the critical gaps in our understanding of concussions? Why do these gaps exist? How do these knowledge gaps hinder progress in minimizing the risks of concussions?
  • What are the most critical short and long-term objectives if we hope to achieve meaningful progress minimizing the risks of concussions?
  • What, if any, coordination exists or is needed to ensure that independent research efforts contribute to short and long term objectives?

These are excellent questions posed by thoughtful people committed to making a difference. These are questions our team at BEST discuss daily about brain injury. How would you answer these questions? Help us continue to support superheroes no matter where they are by sharing your thoughts. Simply leave a comment.

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