Who: Diane Rasch, real-life superhero.

What: Discovering empowerment, new dreams and hope after brain injury.

When: Since 2013.

Where: The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST).

How: Diane began her superhero journey of empowerment in 2013 through BEST peer support groups and educational and social programs. Along the way, Diane discovered new passions, dreams and goals after her brain injury. With the support of her family and BEST friends, she pursued her new life with energy and determination.

Today, Diane is a thriving working artist and the owner of Heartfelt Tidbits of Creativity, a handcrafted-cards and paper crafts company. Her work has been featured throughout the Pacific Northwest and parts of the Midwest. It’s through her small business that she shares her mission to touch the lives of others and make each customer feel special.

Not only does Diane make people feel special through her art and her business, she gives back in other ways, too. Diane serves as BEST’s Gratitude Specialist, sharing her time, talents, love and art with other survivors and their families. Diane and her husband, John, are also proud BEST Superhero Society members, a special superhero team of monthly givers who help support BEST’s empowerment programs and services.

And speaking of empowerment, what does empowerment mean to this superhero?

Diane credits BEST’s Identity and Moving On program for helping to shape that answer.

“I really believe that Moving On gave me empowerment,” she says. “I was able to figure out my dreams, which was doing more with art and honoring people. I learned that yes, I can do this, and the program gave me the confidence to get started.”

Diane continues, “I have a saying: I like to give honor where honor is due. Here at BEST, people are always encouraged, honored and supported. They’ve been there for me for all these years.

I’m always blown away with how respectful, caring and special BEST is. Sometimes I just sit back and hear how BESTies encourage each other. It’s so neat to hear. We laugh. We cry. We have fun. We face challenges. Yet, BEST brings hope. BEST is a family.”

As for Heartfelt Tidbits of Creativity, to Diane, it’s more than a business, it’s a ministry.

“I love to encourage others and let them know how special they are. For me, it’s more than just making things. I get to connect with people, hear their stories and bring some encouragement and joy to their lives. That really means something to me.”

Why:  Giving Tuesday, the international day of giving back to causes that make a difference, is on Tuesday, November 28, 2017, and we invite you to become a BEST member to support people like Diane. Membership is the BEST, easiest and fastest way to support and empower the brain injury community and their families.

Did you know that 25 BEST members can help provide the following?

  • Mentors for individuals with brain injury.
  • Course materials for our Empowered Self futures planning classes and other PEER support programs.
  • Educational, enrichment and socialization opportunities for individuals with brain injuries and their families.
  • Scholarships for survivors for the annual Washington State TBI conference.
  • Transportation costs for survivors to attend support group meetings.
  • Online training and networking opportunities for support group facilitators.

BEST memberships are safe, secure, tax-deductible and have some terrific benefits! Plus,memberships are tailored to fit what’s BEST for you.

Prefer to donate? That’s SUPER! You can do that right here, right now, by clicking here. Thank you!

As an organization built by and for people with brain injury and their families, our empowerment is our most important superpower that we can use to change the world.

Join us today by clicking here and help us reach our membership goal of 25 new members to help us empower other superheroes like Diane to soar to new heights.

Ready. Set. Energize!

Many thanks for your support today and every day.


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