Pet Health: Know the Signs of Stroke

I wrote an article a couple of years ago concerning traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in household pets, but it looks like I didn’t go quite far enough.  The previous article was about TBI overall in pets; this article looks at causes of a particular cause of TBI in pets: strokes. The following information shares how (more…)

BEST Superhero of the Month January 2020

Superheroes come in all forms. Sometimes, they are even covered in fur.  The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) is honored and excited to announce our first ever canine BEST Superhero of the Month recipient.  Meet Charlie, our first BEST Superhero of the Month for 2020!   Charlie, the chihuahua and mini greyhound mix, belongs to another (more…)

Protecting our Pets

(Editor’s note: Brain injury isn’t always a just a human issue; it can affect our beloved pets, too. Writer Isaac Peterson shares some valuable information on how to protect our pets and their health. KT) At the time I earned my very own brand new traumatic brain injury (TBI), I didn’t know anything about traumatic (more…)

BEST Superhero of the Month: August 2018

For our BEST Superhero of the Month announcement for August 2018, we have a special surprise!  We don’t just have one superhero, but a dynamic duo of superheroes, two brain injury survivors, who are changing lives for animals and people in their community. BEST congratulations to Alice and Andy Fenske, who are real-life superheroes to (more…)