BEST Superhero of the Month January 2020

Superheroes come in all forms. Sometimes, they are even covered in fur.  The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) is honored and excited to announce our first ever canine BEST Superhero of the Month recipient.  Meet Charlie, our first BEST Superhero of the Month for 2020!   Charlie, the chihuahua and mini greyhound mix, belongs to another (more…)

Service Animals 101

(Editor’s note: BEST is pleased to announce that junior reporter and guest blogger, Roxane E., is back with a report on service animals. These animals are superheroes in our book!). Aside from a few exceptions, dogs and miniature horses are the only animals allowed to be service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). (more…)

Today’s Hero: A Salute to Our Furry Friends

Caregivers don’t have to come in human form! Our furry friends can also be the most supportive and wonderful caregivers (and friends, too). Today’s heroes are all of our animal friends who help us. Sound Off: Do you have or know of a service animal? Tell about your special furry friend right here! BEST loves (more…)