Superheroes come in all forms.

Sometimes, they are even covered in fur. 

The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) is honored and excited to announce our first ever canine BEST Superhero of the Month recipient. 

Meet Charlie, our first BEST Superhero of the Month for 2020!  

Courtesy photos of Charlie, from Charlie’s mom, Jennifer Adams

Charlie, the chihuahua and mini greyhound mix, belongs to another BEST Superhero, Jennifer Adams. 

First, we’ll share what Charlie’s nominator had to say about her, and next, we’ll share a special mini Q & A with Jennifer about her beloved pup. 

Enjoy this doggone good news story of love, friendship and support. 

Charlie’s nomination: 

Unconditional love. Joyous. Nurturing. Support. A purpose. 

These are just some of the ways this real-life superhero is described. Better? This superhero is in canine form! 

Charlie, chihuahua and mini greyhound mix, came into BESTie and brain injury survivor, Jennifer Adam’s life five years ago. Since that time, Charlie has become a loving family member and a healing salve for Jennifer. 

To hear Jennifer speak of Charlie, and how Charlie provides her with emotional support, love, care and giving her a purpose each and every day, is heartwarming, awe-inspiring and just shows how our animals can truly be our very own superheroes, especially when we need them most. 

So honored to nominate this beautiful fur superhero for the BEST Superhero of the Month to celebrate our support animals and furry BEST friends. 

Q & A with Jennifer Adams

BEST: What’s Charlie’s back story?
JENNIFER: She came into my life after I lost my pug Lily I had adopted. She was with me well over a decade. Had a long life.  My mom and I went to Seattle Humane Society in Bellevue, Washington, about 3 weeks later. Charlie was jumping up and down when we saw her. I knew she was the one. I can’t handle big dogs due to my injuries.  She is a chihuahua and mini greyhound mix.
Charlie’s life before me wasn’t easy.  She had babies young and was taken to a shelter.  Someone adopted her for a month or two and dropped her back off. We are pretty sure she was abused by men, as she’s terrified of them and will bite them. It’s taken her years to trust my dad.  Now they are best buddies.
With my love and direction, and patience, she’s grown so very much. Having someone that could be with her around the clock was what she needed.  And so did I.
BEST: How does Charlie help you?
JENNIFER: Well, I really couldn’t imagine my life without her. I’ve rescued dogs for years.  I’ve had her now for almost five years. She was four when I rescued her.
She’s protective and she makes me feel very safe. She’s so snuggly all of the time.  It helps me with my anxiety, which I struggle with. She knows when I don’t feel good, and offers lots of kisses.
She helps me by giving me someone to care for, and a purpose.  It gets me out of my apartment three to four times a day.  Even in the freezing snow. She hugs me by putting each front leg on both shoulders. It’s beautiful.  She knows when I’m sad, and will be right there.
She loves car rides, and comes with me when I run errands (except in the summer when it’s too hot). She loves her walks with me.
BEST: What do you love the most about Charlie?
JENNIFER: Nearly everything. She brings me joy at all times.  She’s so loving and nurturing. She’s playful and loves playing fetch with her toys (babies). She dances for treats. She has a sunny disposition. She is vocal and will woo woo woo to try to tell you what she wants.
Charlie loves me unconditionally. She doesn’t care if my eyes cross, or if my speech stutters. She doesn’t judge me for my quirks, or when my head hurts so bad it feels like it could explode.  She just loves and craves love.  
I think that may be the most beautiful gift of all.
Thank you Jennifer and Charlie for sharing your story with BEST! 
Have a real-life superhero in your life, too? Nominate them by clicking here

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