Our World Is Better Because Of You

Caregivers, thank you for making our world a better place! 🌍 At the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST), caregivers have a critical role in our recoveries, support, care and lives.  That’s why supporting caregivers with resources, tools, and more is one of our top priorities.  If you are a caregiver, we cordially invite you to (more…)

On Caregiving

(Editor’s note: Writer Isaac Peterson shares a beautiful piece on caregiving and a special tribute to his beloved honorary grandmother. KT)  I was just reviewing some scenes from the movie version of my life and I think I’ve got a great one in mind; the time I was a caregiver. It wasn’t for someone with (more…)

BEST Superhero of the Month May 2018

BEST is excited and honored to announce our BEST Superhero of the Month for 2018, a true beacon of light for the brain injury community and beyond. Congratulations and BEST wishes to Maggie DePuye-Phillips! DePuye-Phillps serves as a BEST board director and BEST guest blogger. She is also a dedicated caregiver, instructor, counselor and mentor. (more…)