Our BEST Stories: Meet Barb George

Being near the ocean is a special experience for many people. Perhaps it’s that breath of really fresh air; the comfort of a soothing cool ocean breeze; the gentle sound and ebb and flow of the water. Coupled with a sense of wonder, the ocean brings past, present and future all into a place of (more…)

Our BEST Stories: Janet Novinger

  If you want to see someone’s smile and energy light up a room, spend about five minutes with the Brain Energy Support Team’s Learning Coordinator, Janet Novinger. Novinger has this innate way of connecting with others in such a positive and big-hearted way; one can’t help walking away feeling empowered and cared about.  It’s (more…)

Our BEST Stories: Meet Paul Bishop

Photo credit: Paul Bishop Paul Bishop is a believer. There are a number of reasons why he believes in things: his strong faith in God; the love and support from his children and grandchildren; his vast travel experiences around the country and the world through his work and life experiences; his deep love of nature; (more…)

Our BEST Stories: Meet Diane Rasch

People with the biggest and most loving hearts can do some pretty magical things. These wonderful souls are connected with so much good in the world when it comes to helping others; kindness, care, inspiration, love, positivity, and giving a needed hug and a hand up are just some of the hallmarks of their characters.  (more…)