Hello friends and supporters of BEST!

As all of you are aware, there are lots of blogs out there in the cyber world. Everyone has their own specific definitions of what a blog is and what a blog does.

Here at BEST, we have our very own definition of a blog, too. First off, a blog is a great forum to share information and engage in discussion. However, we see our website’s blog as a bit more.  We see it as a welcoming place; a place to come together to learn, share ideas and support one another on our journeys.

That’s why we are excited to share with you some upcoming changes on the blog.

Here’s a little taste of what to expect:


Everyone who has their lives touched in some way by traumatic brain injury has a story to tell.  Perhaps it’s a story of overcoming obstacles and having perseverance.  Maybe it’s a story of embracing a new path. Periodically, we are going to share stories of real people and their real journeys.

Things You Need to Know

We will continue to post information and resources that is of value to you, our readers.  Have some information that you think would be of interest to others in this forum? Tell us about it!

Finding Inspiration

Inspirational words come in all forms: quotes from great thinkers, song lyrics, art, photography, poetry, humor and so much more. Look for little tidbits of information aimed to inspire.


Okay, you gotta have a little fun, right? Laughter is a great thing. Check out the blog for some funnies that will put a smile on your face.

Talking Points

One of the best things about a blog: comments and discussion. Watch for a new “talking point” icon to appear on our posts; we’ll pose questions to get the conversation started.  Good conversation builds good community!

What do you think?

As always, your feedback and ideas are important. We welcome them.

So, stayed tuned and enjoy!