March is Brain Injury Awareness Month.

This special month marks an opportunity for the brain injury community and the community at large to share awareness, knowledge, support, education, care and conversation. 

As we kick off March 2022, the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) warmly invites you to join us online this month for some brain empowerment! 

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As individuals and as a community,  as we learn to empower our brains, we are able to move forward towards our goals of brain health, healing, wellness, and so much more.

Empowerment comes in the form of knowledge, support, conversations, education and even having some fun along the way! 

At, we offer: 

BEST Membership

You may have heard the old saying, Membership has its perks. We know you’ll find the resources and other membership benefits available to you both useful and valuable. You can further support BEST by letting others know about our membership opportunity and sharing your ideas for new perks with us. Check out memberships here

Not ready to join BEST, yet would like to help? Your donation makes a difference in the lives of those impacted by brain injury. Any amount helps. Click here to make a fast, easy and secure donation today. 

BEST in Second Life

Second Life is a virtual experience where all things are possible. It offers us the chance to engage in things individuals with physical and cognitive challenges might not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy; live music, long walks on the beach, bike rides, shopping malls, sailing, dancing, and more.

Along with entertainment and socialization opportunities, there are activities such as support groups, workshops on health, presentations from noted institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and Harvard University, opportunities for small business development, learning a new language, even taking classes and finishing a degree.A simple cute drawing of a brain with a happy face standing next to a laptop.

BEST has created a virtual presence for reaching out to those with brain injury and their caregivers.  BEST hosts a variety of social events, small group discussions, workshops, and skills training. Our trainers also work with nonprofit leaders, businesses, artists, and educators. 

There’s no cost to join us in Second Life. Click here to learn how to get started quickly and safely. 

Here are just some of the activities and events offered in March 2022! 

1 March – Phat Tuesday is a favorite at Etopia and this year we’re decked out to celebrate Mardi Gras. Whether you come with BESTies from around the world or on your own there’s plenty of fun to be had. We’ve even got a Habit Hunt to kick off Brain Injury Awareness Month.

13 March – Join all our BEST friends and colleagues for the monthly Nonprofit Commons Common Ground party. We’re hosting this green themed scene starting at 11am PST. Music to dance to by one a favorite BESTie; DJ Tori Landau.

17 March – Green Beer, Pizza, and Irish music are the theme for today’s dance at Etopia. Bring your favorite Leprechaun and enjoy the fun and tunes by Etopia’s own DJ Dani.

For additional details on these events and others, click here to reach out calendar. 

BEST Education 

We cordially invite you to visit our Education section here.  You’ll find video courses, webinar archives, and more on a variety of topics! 


Our website blog boasts a rich library of articles, essays, infographics, quotes, community profiles, guest bloggers, and more, on a wide variety of topics: empowerment;  self-care; brain health; mental health; food wellness; caregiving resources, tips and strategies; peer support; and inspirational stories are just to name a few. Click here to check it out! 

BEST Brain Games 

Have fun and help your brain! Play BEST Brain Games anytime, anywhere, right from the comfort of home. Click here to get started! 

BEST Covid-19 Resource Page

BEST has a dedicated Covid-19 resource page with news you can use to keep yourself healthy and safe. Click here to learn more. 

Looking forward to a month of sharing and caring. Welcome! 

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