Day one of the 2016 WA State TBI Conference in Seattle, “Living and Thriving Through Self-Advocacy,” is in the books. What a day it was!

BESTies getting the welcome banner ready for superheroes!

The superheroes of the brain injury community donned their capes and converged in Seattle this morning.

BESTie Diane Rasch sports her custom designed cape!


BEST Executive Director, Gloria Kraegel also channels her superhero powers!


The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) had the opportunity to chat with old friends and make new friends, too! Even furry friends joined the teams of superheroes today!

Meet, Elphaba, the service dog!

Our day was spent sharing resources, opportunities, learning new things and having conversation with many terrific people.

20160418_10270220160418_0806082016-04-18 06.51.56

Wonderful goods could be found throughout the conference that were created by artisans in the disability community!


Workshops, presentations and exhibits showcased support, resources and so much more for survivors, caregivers and families. Survivors returning to work, support for caregivers, adaptive technology and yoga were just some of the  many topics we explored during our day.

A special treat was chatting with TBI Hope and Inspiration Founder, writer and BEST board member, David Grant, who was on hand to share inspiration himself! David will be one of the special guest presenters tomorrow morning.

David Grant’s terrific book, “Metamorphosis, Surviving Brain Injury.”


Looking forward to tomorrow!

BEST wishes, super friends! Until then!

The BEST superhero goodie bag: Identity cards and some superhero themed treats and fun!



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