Things You Can Give And Still Keep

Like love, there are things we can give and still have plenty of. Here’s a tip for a great Tuesday!   #empoweryourbrain #BESTTuesdayTips BEST loves sharing … Facebook0TwitterPinterest0tumblr0Linkedin0Reddit0Email0

Cozy Self-Care With A Little Hygge

Hygge. Unfamiliar to many Americans, but a way of life for the Danes. In Denmark hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a word that means a sense of coziness, comfort, contentment, and well-being. As you can tell, it’s one of those words that doesn’t translate very well into English. These feelings are achieved by enjoying the simple (more…)

Wabi Sabi Can Be The First Step In Self-Care

Self-care can seem daunting. How often have we thought, I don’t have enough time? Or we think we have too much to do to take time out for ourselves. Sometimes it can even feel selfish to close the door and leave the world outside so we can be alone, even for a short time. In (more…)

TOMORROW: Your Urgent Support Needed by September 30, 2020

We are reaching out for your help. We know that COVID-19 has touched all our lives in profound and unimaginable ways. We know you’re worried, and we’re worried, too. Our team knows from years of personal experience that navigating a brain injury or other cognitive challenges is hard on individuals, caregivers and families. It’s without (more…)