Brain injury support groups are special places that allow people with brain injury and their families to meet others who are in similar situations, gain valuable emotional support from one another, form friendships, obtain information and resources, and hear speakers discuss a variety of brain injury topics.

We believe in the power of our community. We’ve helped support groups develop and come together to meet the needs of their group members based on what the group wants. It’s always been and continues to be, all about a quality of life we all deserve to have and should be able to create for ourselves.

In 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemic heath restrictions, we launched the first of its kind true peer support group in Washington State. It’s been a huge success!

For 2021 BEST is partnering with the Imaginal Network to facilitate this monthly meeting. Sure, we’ll mix it up a bit with speakers, presentations, and activities that you’ll enjoy, but this is YOUR support group to help you get through the hard times and the good times with friends.

Join us for the next BEST/Imaginal Network Online Virtual Support Group.

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