Stressed? Anxious? Over-Worked? Meditation is the perfect cure for 21st century malaise.

Meditation is an incredibly powerful panacea that can help anyone to become calmer, happier, more productive, more creative… and ultimately just a better version of themselves.

Studies show us that meditation can help to increase alpha and theta brainwaves to help induce states of calm.

It can improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and it can thicken grey matter in the prefrontal cortex to boost focus and creativity.

This ebook, The Calm Mind, will guide you through everything you need to know, putting the tools in your hands to use as you need.



The different types of mediation and how they differ: 
From kundalini meditation, to transcendental, to nada, to mindfulness. Each does something different and unique, and you’ll discover some fascinating examples.

How to choose the right kind for you:
With so much out there, how do you know where to begin? We’ll simplify things.

What all meditation has in common:
Meditation comes in lots of flavors, but it remains the same at its core. Learn the one key ‘truth’ of meditation, that matters most.

The powerful benefits of meditation:
Meditation does FAR more for you than you might realize. This book will help you see just what an exciting and potent tool this has the potential to be.

Simple steps to get started:
No confusion. No nerves. Just a simple, straightforward plan that anyone can follow.

The role of mindfulness: 
Mindfulness is adjacent to, but distinct from meditation. Learn how to use it here.

How to use mindfulness to overcome anxiety:
More powerful still is cognitive behavioural therapy. When paired with mindfulness, this can eradicate anxiety and stress.

How to improve your lifestyle and mindset to drive anxiety away:
Meditation is just one part of your holistic approach to health. You’ll learn how to use minimalism, a healthy diet, better sleep, and much more.

The end result?

You feel your best ever. 

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