Mia Dalene Marcum-McCoy  is more than a survivor.

The author, mother of two, philanthropist and renowned raw food chef is also an individual living with a traumatic brain injury. And while by definition, she “survived” some challenging experiences and events, she took her healing and life path on an unexpected but extraordinary journey.

She learned to sing.

And we are not talking the kind of singing we do with our voices. Instead, Marcum-McCoy sang from her soul and her experiences, all of them, good and bad. She embarked on a journey to find ways to heal her body and her mind; it is with that journey that she discovered that her future would not be limited by her brain injury. Instead, she found the purpose to a new life, new dreams and new experiences.

Now, Marcum-McCoy wants to share her understandings and experiences with readers while supporting the good works of organizations that support individuals with brain injury, their families and caregivers.

“Phenomenal Brain Power: From Brain Injury to Brain Awakening,” is the recently published and  inspirational account of Marcum-McCoy’s powerful journey of regrouping after injury and preparing for a new life of hope and possibility. Prepare to be inspired, as Marcum-McCoy chronicles her challenges and triumphs, with courage, tenacity and optimism (there’s even some amazing recipes included, as an added bonus).

In addition to provide a healing salve for others, Marcum-McCoy’s book takes it a step further. Proceeds from the book and other products sold on her website, PhenomonalBrainPower.com, will go to benefit people living with brain injuries, their families and caregivers.

There’s more.

The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) is thrilled and honored to announce that Marcum-McCoy will be on hand at the BEST Learning Center on Friday, March 6, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. for special dessert and coffee reception open to the general public to talk about her book. Books will be available for purchase at the event and the author is pleased to sign copies.

The BEST Learning Center is located at 2607 Bridgeport Way W., Suite 2F in University Place, Washington.

Please RSVP by March 3, 2015 to kimt@brainenergysupportteam.org to reserve your spot for this event.

There is no cost to attend.

For those who would like to purchase a book now and learn more about Marcum-McCoy and PhenonmonalBrainPower.com, click HERE.

Marcum-McCoy is also featured in the short video below. Check it out with the link below and learn more about “Phenomenal Brain Power: From Brain Injury to Brain Awakening.”

Mia Dalene Marcum-McCoy, M.A.

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