What is Holistic Wellness?

Many people in our community are passionate about exploring self-care and wellness topics. When we see wellness topics in our newsfeeds, we see this term used frequently as of late: holistic wellness.  What does holistic wellness mean, and why are we seeing the term more often? The general definition of holistic wellness means overall wellness (more…)

You are Invited: Visit our Covid-19 Page for Resources

The more we know, the more we grow. The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) cordially invites you to visit our Covid-19 Resource page on our website.  Here, you’ll find:  Covid-19 health information, resources, infographics, downloadable graphics, and FAQs.  How to keep yourself and others healthy and safe during Covid-19.  Special resources for those in Washington (more…)

Keep Going Keep Growing

As we keep going, we keep growing.  At BEST, we love to grow our overall health and wellness knowledge individually and as a community.  With the constant changes of COVID-19, we wanted to create a community space and information hub to get resources, tips and news you can use. Additionally, in this space we also (more…)

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Brain Injury and Gender

We’ve all heard the phrase, no two traumatic brain injuries are alike

Those of us with brain injuries have, anyway. 

It gets said all the time; I’ve said it myself. No two brains are injured in the same way, and no two brain injuries have identical effects.

But one of the biggest differences is that it also seems females have different brain injury-related life experiences than males. 

A lot is known about traumatic brain injury (TBI) because of ongoing health research, but only half the story is being told: there are huge differences in the ways females experience brain injuries compared to males. 

On the surface, the differences seem to break down primarily according to physiological and biochemical differences, possible genetic differences, and traditional gender roles in our society. 

Monday Motivation: September 13, 2021

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