Our World Is Better Because Of You

Caregivers, thank you for making our world a better place! 🌍 At the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST), caregivers have a critical role in our recoveries, support, care and lives.  That’s why supporting caregivers with resources, tools, and more is one of our top priorities.  If you are a caregiver, we cordially invite you to (more…)

Happy 2022: Reflections, Plans and More

With 2022 just around the corner, we’re expanding our resources to help you live a quality lifestyle. And to help our community stay strong and confident in what’s right with the world, we’ve committed our energy to ensure you have the most accurate information and the best resources to make navigating the challenges of each (more…)

Meet Our Community!

We’d love to have you meet (and join!) our community! 💚 Check out the video attached below!  Thank you for sharing your superhero care and support for brain injury survivors, their caregivers and their families. You’re the BEST! (Note: there is background music in this short video. Please adjust your volume as needed). BEST loves (more…)

My BEST Story: Support, Opportunity and Hope

It wasn’t until I had been discharged from a month-long hospital stay in 2016 after experiencing a major stroke that I had even heard of the Brain Energy Support Team (BEST). For some reason I don’t really know or understand, I decided to get into a support group. The social worker at the hospital gave (more…)

Five Years

I have an anniversary coming up, one I’m more than happy to celebrate.  November 8th marks five years since I lived through a major stroke. I’ve written here before that that’s a day I should never be able to forget, but instead it’s a day I’ll never remember. But I’m not worried about that—the fact (more…)

Sail Away with Us, Virtually!

Sail away with us, virtually! BEST has a presence in the virtual world of Second Life. Visit our BEST office, the BEST PEER Center and more for online support, resources and activities. It’s free and all are welcome! Learn how you can be involved by clicking, here.  BEST loves sharing … Facebook0TwitterPinterest0tumblr0Linkedin0Reddit0Email0