Smell the Coffee

I have been doing quite a bit of contemplation recently. I think it’s a combination of circumstances. We moved home in October last year and are just loving where we live. A very quiet spot, fabulous neighbors, surrounded by nature in beautiful countryside with gorgeous fresh air on the edge of a wonderful small town. (more…)

Yes, Recovery is Boring

In his wonderful book, Stronger After Stroke, Peter Levine says that, in his experience, the brain injury survivors that make the best recovery are athletes and musicians.  The reason? Because they are used to doing, boring, repetitive’ tasks over and over again, measuring their slow, incremental progress. And this is what recovery is. Lots of (more…)

BEST Superhero of the Month July 2018

Our BEST Superhero of the Month for July 2018 is a superhero whose superpowers are both words and music that have made a difference in the lives of others. BEST wishes and congratulations to our newest BEST Superhero of the Month, Andy Dovey! Andy has served a regular BEST guest blogger and contributor. On this (more…)

Thank You BEST Guest Bloggers and Contributors!

Writing is an exploration of the BEST kind. The Brain Energy Support Team (BEST) is honored to know the finest explorers, who have, through the written word, helped us explore the world around us and learn new things. Many thanks to our fantastic BEST guest bloggers and writing contributors, past and present, for sharing their (more…)

The Power of Your Mind

Since my brain injury (stroke) nearly five years ago, I have become aware of the power of the mind and how what we think affects how we feel . This has been demonstrated to me fairly empirically. I shall explain. My wife has been extremely diligent in taking my blood pressure. After my stroke, I (more…)

Five Years of Learning

May 28th was the five year anniversary of my cerebellar stroke, my brain injury. Time for some reflection. So, what have I learnt in the past five years? I’ve learnt a massive amount about the brain and brain injuries. I knew absolutely nothing before, so this wasn’t too difficult to achieve! I’ve learnt that a (more…)